From: Marcelo Duarte: A Missionary and Bible College Graduate

To:  Jim and Lynn McHood

I have been on 5 mission trips in the past... this one to Costa Rica was "the best one I have ever been on"..... I hope to do something similar in Brazil... Thanks.. Marcelo.

From: Chris Pace; A Business Owner in Charleston, SC

To:  Jim and Lynn McHood –       

I used to say to my husband Willy, that in all my life thus far, I can't really say that I have ever met personally, anybody that I would "highly honor and respect for their work for the Kingdom"......

I can't say that anymore, cause I know you guys and your team and Dulce.   Thanks for your work in the Lord... Love,  Chris Pace.

From: Lisa DePriest: A Bible College Student / Apprentice Leader

To: Jim and Lynn McHood:  Words cannot express what I feel in my heart for both of you, your love and dedication to the Lord, and the fire of the Spirit I FEEL just being around you!  What a blessing! I am eternally grateful for the privilege and honor I feel the Lord bestowed upon me by allowing me to walk with you and see and experience the things I did. My eyes are opened now more than ever to the kingdom of God.  I WANT eyes to see, ears to hear, what the Spirit is saying!

He says ASK, SEEK, KNOCK....I know He hears and has answered this already. Seeing the Body in operation and the love of God manifested has impacted my life forever ! 

Thank you for opening your hearts and your home... I trust that our steps ARE ordered and that He has only the best things in store for all of us.  I know everything the team experienced while we were with you all will be used for His glory!  The team members I had the chance to see at school today are still elated and talking about everything they encountered!  I know it was a life-changing experience for some (including me)! ...thank you so much for all you both have done in leading the team, loving and supporting and encouraging everyone of us!  We are forever grateful!

Love to you both and many blessings! Lisa DePriest