Free On-Line Vocational School: Awaken partnered with Allison to offer 750 Vocational Training Courses on-line and self-paced. Certificate or Diploma after testing. Awaken provides a free tutor for Courses including Web Design, Nursing, Plumbing, Carpentry, Social Media Marketing, C programming. See Vocational School menu button. 

Free On-Line Spanish Discipleship: All materials and videos for a Free 48 lesson Spanish Discipleship Series. Click on Estudio biblico gratuito in Missions.  Certificate of Competition for all who finish level 1, 2 or 3. 

Sustainable Farming and Ranching: Free Videos, Tours, Training and Mission Camp at the Tennessee or Costa Rica Mission Camps. Training for Back to Eden gardening methods are available now. Other farming,  ranching, green energy, sustainable living and green energy training classes being developed.

Marriage and Family Builder Seminars:  Live seminars in businesses or churches or as part of a on-site mission camp in TN or Costa Rica. 

​​​Awaken Missions & Training Camps: Tennessee & Costa Rica

​Awaken Ministries is established to provide practical ways to demonstrate the love of God by providing the public with free training videos & classes, printed materials, on-site tours and a wide variety of mission camps and retreats to educate, train, equip and help people Awaken to their God given purposes in life. 

A Few Examples of our Ministry Activities

Costa Rica Missions Camp:  60 acre Self Sustainable Missions Camp and Ranch that a group of business people let us use for our missions camp free of charge including all utilities and security. Mission camps can be youth, teen camps, marriage seminars, Bible College, gardening, green energy, sustainable living or a church mission’s camp. Sleeps 50 including 2 dorms, and a ranch house with commercial kitchen, dining room, meeting for training or our free movies. See Missions menu button. 

Tennessee Missions Camp:   Awaken owns 200 acres for sustainable living training, tours and mission camp, including community gardens, fruit tree orchards, using “sustainable and green farming” methods. This is a Missions Camp and Training Center modeled after Costa Rica, except that Awaken Ministries owns the land and property including space to sleep 14 (currently), ranch house, solar shed, barn, chicken coops, fencing, outdoor kitchen, offices and meeting space. Active now for small groups, expanding to handle larger groups. 

Free On-Line English Bible School: Free Self-Paced On-Line Bible School with 48 video lessons and PDF’s for English speaking people. Click on “Bible School” menu button. Certificate to all who complete level 1, 2 or 3. 

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